Kayak marathon

The summer weather is continuing, we’re having a good time anchored off Tauna doing some small jobs on the boat and excursions (snorkeling, kayaking, etc.) in between. Today there was less wind than the days before so we ventured out towards Motu Gaioio in the NE corner of the archipelago. It didn’t look that far on the chart, about 2nm (almost 4 km) away, but fighting with our elderly inflatable kayak that stubbornly tries to head into the wind or to align with the waves (there was quite some chop coming over the outer reef) it felt considerably further… We then walked around the island, had a picnic and finally started paddling back towards our tiny motu (Tauna) and the barely visible white dot next to it (Pitufa). As you can see from the fact that I’m now sitting here writing a blog, we’ve made it back. We’ll definitely sleep well this night, but getting up tomorrow might be a different story ;-)

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    Schon lange keine Eintragung.
    Heute 25.02.2015

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