Rock and Roll

After spending a year in quiet, calm places French Polynesia’s capital Papeete on Tahiti feels a bit overwhelming. About 250 boats sway on moorings or anchor off Marina Taina and they all roll and pitch like crazy whenever high swell comes up from the south and huge surf breaks over the unfortunately rather narrow fringing reef that protects the anchorage insufficiently. Two days ago it got so bad that we moved our matresses to the floor to get at least some sleep. Marina Taina’s overfilled dinghy dock’s a tough place for a small dinghy like ours and the location far outside Papeete means that we spend hours eating dirt on the dusty, congested roads waiting for buses and hitching rides while doing the usual hardware-store/chandlery ralley.

The positive side of being here is that we meet old friends again and that the huge supermarket Carrefour is within walking distance, so we can manoeuvre cartloads of provisioning over the bumpy sidewalk right to the dinghy dock.

Christian will stay here while I spend two weeks in Austria and after that we’ll try to get away from noisy, dirty Papeete as quickly as possible again.

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