Smurf reunion

I got back on Friday after an exhausting journey (31 hours from door to door…) enjoyed quite a jet-lag in the bouncy, uncomfy Marina Taina (seasick medicine in the anchorage, hurray!) and on Sunday we moved on to the much calmer and nicer anchorage off Arue. From there we ran some errands on Monday and today we left busy Papeete behind us, to sail the 10 mile hop over to beautiful Moorea. The French weather report talked of 7 to 10 knots with ‘mer belle’ (‘beautiful’, meaning calm seas), so we expected some lazy motorsailing. What we got instead were 25 knots close-hauled and to call that sea beautiful you had to seriously be into big waves and whitecaps… At least it was a quick sail, but when we tried to find an anchoring spot off Vaiare (we’d never been to the eastern side of Moorea before) we had a hard time finding something between 30 m (the lagoon) and 2 metres (the reef shelf, but we draw a bit more than two…). Now we’re anchored a bit precariously near the reef, so we’ll search for a better spot tomorrow.

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