Plants overboard

We’ve been stuck in Tahiti since last week, struggling with delayed appointments, unfriendly staff at chandleries and a general feeling that the world’s not cooperating with our plans.
Somehow the herb garden under our spray hood got infected with lice and some strange, mould-like disease. My frantic efforts at cleaning the leaves and fighting the lice manually had not much effect, so with a very heavy heart I cut off a few healthy looking branches from the thai basil, the mint, the basil, the oregano and the spinach to layer, harvested everything else and dumped the plants and the soil into the sea feeling like a mother drowning her green babies.
In the evening we had Vietnamese spring rolls with handfulls of coriander, thai basil and mint wrapped in and there are still enough herbs in the fridge for a curry and pasta week.
At least we can get fresh soil from the hardware store here, the pots are thoroughly cleaned and I hope that I’ll be able to start a new garden with the saplings I’ve saved and new seeds.

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