Don Quijote in Tahiti

When we arrived more than two months ago in Tahiti we naively planned to get a few things done that need the infrastructure of the big city and to be off soon again. Since then we’ve been put off with delaying tactics and lame excuses. There’s a general unwillingness to take responsibility, blame others instead and of course the hope that a problem that’s ignored for long enough will disappear by itself. Whenever we have to depend on somebody else here we soon get a feeling of fighting windmills. The anchorage here in Taina has been windy and choppy for a few days–a bouncy Pitufa that keeps us from sleeping and extra splashy dinghy rides don’t help with the mood. Yesterday our mobile phone got drowned during such a dinghy ride, so we’re incommunicado for the time being.
On the positive side we’ve realised reading through the log that we’ve made steady progress on all the tasks that we can handle ourselves. While staying in Tahiti and Moorea we’ve repaired the anchor winch, found and repaired a leak in the kerosene tank, adjusted the main sail, repaired the deck light, mended the hatch covers, fixed a new railing netting, resewed part of the sprayhood, cleaned the sea strainer and the diesel filter, recut new matresses, filled up the diesel tank, bought and stored full provisioning for the next season for us and all spare parts we could think of for Pitufa, adjusted new terminals for the life lines by lathe, changed the impeller on the engine, installed new hoses for the freshwater system, got a new tap for the bathroom and redid the silcone in the bathroom–so our time here hasn’t been entirely wasted ;-)

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