Busy in Maupiti

We’ve only been in Maupiti for one and a half weeks, but it feels much longer, because we’ve been so active every day. We walked around the island (only about 2 hours on the one road they have), paddled the kayak up to the northern motus and to the lovely airport (no fences, no waiting hall, but a beautiful white beach and benches in the shade of trees), hiked up to the cliffs that tower over the village and after building up some fitness we finally tackled the highest mountain. The path is clearly marked and there are even ropes on the steep parts where some rock climbing is necessary. We picked a cool day with southerly winds, but we were still soaked with sweat and quite exhausted at the summit. The view over the tiny lagoon with its turquoise waters and pretty motus was absolutely worth it though.

The cover for our dinghy is also getting bigger bit by bit. We use a robust lorry canvas that is attached to the dinghy with velcro strips (sown unto the canvas and glued to the dinghy). We’ve already managed the tricky bow area where the rounded parts require tailor-made strips of canvas to make it fit tightly. The long, straight side parts will hopefully require less fiddling about ;-)

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