Lessons in patience

At the moment we have the feeling that we spend half the time waiting for suitable weather windows browsing our forecasts and the rest of the time we are fretting about predictions that haven’t come true. As soon as appointments/deadlines (in our case the cyclone season) are involved, cruising definitely stops being fun.
At the moment we are ‘stuck’ in calm, sunny weather in a pretty island of the tuamotus–usually that would be ideal conditions to explore the lagoon, but we don’t have the peace of mind to enjoy it. Instead we spent the whole day mending the genoa–tedious work, as we have to find the old holes in the 10 layer thick fabric, widen them with an awl and then finally sew through with a needle and the help of needle nose pliers. 2 straps reattached, 2 more to do… But at the moment it looks like we’ll have light winds on the way to the Marquesas next week, so the genoa must be ready to go by then.

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