It’s slow going, tacking so close-hauled. To make 70 nm as the bird flies we’ve had to sail over 100 since yesterday. First it was very squally with Pitufa heeling down to the toe-rail in the gusts. Of course the fishing line snapped tight during one of these squalls, Christian had a hard time pulling the medium sized Bonito in while trying not to fall overboard himself. Killing and gutting was done as usual still out on the aft deck (also not so funny on the slanting deck) and then I carried the pieces into the galley, planning on filetting them later in calmer weather. That wasn’t according to Leeloo’s plan though. As soon as she smelled the fish she managed to climb out of her sea berth (a cardboard box she sleeps in when it’s rough), stalked into the galley and protested until I cut a few pieces for her which she devoured with one paw propped up against the wall to avoid sliding into her lunch. Brave little shellback ;-)

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