Hiva Oa

We had a pleasant sail down to the southern group of the Marquesas and reached Hiva Oa yesterday. We are anchored for the first time behind the breakwater of Atuona’s harbour, where it’s nice and calm (with a stern anchor). The water is very murky in here, so today we took the dinghy out for a rough ride into the clear ocean water outside. We had our snorkeling gear with us and checked out the protected rocky shore behind a little motu. There were a few coral and a few fishies and then suddenly a big shape came towards us–a manta ray! Getting close to those graceful, giant creature’s always an amazing experience.

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  1. Hibiscus now TAO says:

    Good to see that you enjoy the Marquise’s islands. We are now in Greece with our new boat and will later head west to Atlantic and Pacific. All the best.
    What are your sailing plans?
    Nathalie and Philippe
    Sv TAO

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