Haul-out facility in the Marquesas

The first haul-out facility of the Marquesas (in the harbour of Atuona, Hiva Oa) is soon going to start operating (April 2016). Vincent Roche, a young French pilot and mechanic who has lived in the Marquesas for the past 15 years, has organized a trailer capable of carrying keel vessels with a draft of up to 2 meters. He thinks he can deal with yachts up to 18 m length and 20 tons. He answers an urgent demand for the possibility of emergency repairs (after the long Pacific crossing) or just for putting on new bottom paint (convenient particularly for those who spend the cyclone season in the Marquesas).

The capacity seems to be rather limited as there is not much space on the hard in the harbour of Atuona, so we guess not more than 3 boats can be out at the same time.

His website is http://www.maintenancemarquises.com/ where you find more information.

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