Busy program in Tahiti

Leeloo was a bit sickish in the Marquesas, she suffered from stomach aches and seemed generally unwell and because of her age we were worried about the condition of her kidneys and liver. In Tahiti we took her to an animal clinic for a check-up and the vet declared her in excellent condition for a 16 year old cat–we’ll just have to be extra careful with her food.

Hitchhiking to the vet with a howling cat didn’t seem like a great idea, so we decided to get a rental car (Eco Car has excellent deals!) and that proved of course also handy for a shopping marathon (6 dinghy loads of provisioning) and a program of health check-ups for the human crew as well.

The weather situation’s unfortunately a bit too interesting for our taste at the moment. A convergence zone sits between Samoa and Tahiti, the grib files and meteo keep predicting depressions for our area, but they keep shifting/postponing/weakening/strenghtening again, so nobody really knows what to make of that weather. Our anchorage is well protected, but we’ve still brought out two anchors and hope for the cyclone season to finally cool down.

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