Squally night

After 2 great sailing days we got into a squally area and spent the night grumblingly dealing with windshifts, calm periods, torrential rain and strong winds in between. This morning we were becalmed with flapping sails and in the end reluctantly turned the engine on.

We left the fishing lure out despite the fact that any successful fisherman will tell you that slow motorsailing (3-4 knots) is the least likely time to catch anything. Apparently the wahoo who bit soon after had not heard of that theory… At noon we had already finished the cutting and pressure cooking session (3 jars in the fridge for this week, 4 more as preserves for later) and treated ourselves to fresh sashimi in the cockpit (it was even calm enough for a table…).

In the afternoon a light breeze set in, not enough for the genoa so we hauled the gennaker out of its bunk and now we’re gliding along under the big blue bubble in sunny weather and flat seas.

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