Hard times on the hard

This morning we had an appointment for a haul-out at the Carenage in Raiatea and of course it was squally and gusting up to 30 knots when the office called us to come in. The approach went well despite the nasty weather and now Pitufa’s parked in a cradle waiting for a belly-rub and a few layers of antifouling paint. The weather forecast threatens with clouds and frequent showers, but it’s sunny outside now and we hope that the weather will hold out so that we can finish work quickly. Two years ago when we were here in July the place was a swamp swarming with mosquitoes and we both caught dengue fever…

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  1. Jakker says:

    Hello, We are at Bloody Mary’s in Bora in the rain, just like last year, remember? Wish you good luck with the hard work .Keep it dry. Jaklien & Tony

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