Pleasant sailing

Surprisingly enough the dreaded journey eastwards turns out to be more pleasant than the passage in the ‘right’ direction two months ago. Instead of the sickening rolling motion that we were used to downwind, Pitufa is now ploughing along in fortunately light winds (15 knots from the SSE) doing steadily 60 degrees on the wind. We’re not heeling too much and the boat seems calmer than in the anchorages in Beveridge or Niue…

Later this week strong southeasterlies followed by easterlies winds are forecast, by then we must be tucked away in an anchorage to wait until the wind clocks around again. After pondering this morning’s weather forecast we think we won’t be able to make it in time to Aitutaki, so we have set the course to the tiny atoll of Palmerston. 180 nautical miles to go!

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