Quiet again

After almost two days we’re finally sailing again. What a relief to turn off the engine and just listen to the gurgling of the waves along the hull and the soft, well-known creaking sounds of the sheets and blocks. The wind is still just a breeze, the sea’s calm and we enjoy these hours of perfect sailing–soon it’ll pick up and we’ll be pounding into the waves again.

We used the calm conditions of the last two days to run the watermaker, clean up the boat, air the boat (all hatches open), do some maintenance and small repairs (Christian glued the junction box of the solar panel that got smashed by the flogging sheet of the ripped gennaker and as the cartridge was already open I redid the silicone in the bathroom as well–what else to do on passage?). This morning we checked the diesel level in the tank and topped up 50 litres from jerry cans, now it’s more than half full again–just in case.

Leeloo hates the loud engine and spent lots of time in the cockpit. She even wanted to stroll out on deck, but during the first rough days of the passage the deck was almost constantly awash and therefore covered in salt, so no way she could go sunbathing there, but try to explain that to a stubborn, bored cat…
173 nm as the brown booby flies!

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