Touristic Rarotonga

Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands. More than 10.000 people live on 67 km²–most of them in the capital Avarua and around the island on the narrow, coastal plane, the mountainous interior remains untouched.

Today we took a bus (there’s a very convenient regular clockwise and anti-clockwise service), went around the island and stopped in a few places. The high, volcanic island reminds us landscapewise of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, but unfortunately the fringing reef is still close to shore, leaving no space for a navigable lagoon. The only exception is a small pass on the east side that leads into a mini-lagoon with 4 motus. Everybody comes to this ‘lagoon’ for kayaking, snorkeling, etc.
The island seems very touristy compared to the places we’re used to, resorts and guest houses take up most of the shore line. At least there are no big hotels, just low bungalows along the white, fine beach that fringes most of the coast.


  1. Patrik, Diana & Odin the Pirate says:

    Thank you for your good informative blog posts.
    We are regular follower on your page because it’s good and informative.
    Anyway just want to tell you that your doing a great job and hope to follow you for long, who knows maybe meet one day out on the ocean.
    Me and my wife’s dream is the same as the one your right now living. To buy a catamaran and live-aboard. The RYA dayskipper theory is ready. In one and a half week it’s the RYA Dayskipper practical. We suppose it’s just our cat Odin the Pirate who not got the idea that he might need to change from eating mouse to fish.

    Best regards
    Patrik, Diana and Odin the Pirate

    1. Christian says:

      Hi, good luck with realising your dream, we’ll look out for you on the ocean :-)

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