Always busy

Last week the wind was predicted to turn from the North to the West, so we did a last snorkel in the pass (on the northern side of the lagoon), then lifted the anchor and used the calm weather to take Pitufa out through the pass, quickly caught a yellow fin tuna and were back inside the lagoon of Tahanea within an hour. Afterwards we sailed down to the southern side to hide behind a reef during the predicted westerly winds (it shifted twice between east and west instead, so we alternated between anchorages west and east of the reef…).

Two days ago a strong southeasterly set in, so we moved to the well protected southeastern corner of the atoll where we’re now sitting behind a motu while it’s blowing 25 knots and gusting up to 40. Timing is everything in an atoll! It’s important to always keep an eye on the weather and move in time. Of course the numerous GPS tracks we have by now all over the lagoon help us to reach safe spots (within distances between 5 and 15 miles) even in bad visibility…

We use the windy weather to do some sewing jobs and other domestic tasks to keep life comfy on Pitufa: we brewed beer (already the second batch ;-) ), made yoghurt (a weekly task), baked bread (every second day anyway), did tuna preserves, etc. etc. We’re almost out of veg provisions we brought, but with the thriving garden and different kinds of sprouts we still eat as well as one month ago when we set out from Tahiti :-)

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