Balanced days

Usually we use windy days when neither splashy dinghy rides nor dumpy snorkeling seem appealing for indoor-projects. This time we have such nice protection from the tiny island that we can still go snorkeling and go ashore every day, but we’ve still found a nice balance between fun activities and ticking off some projects from the to-do list.

Yesterday we brewed beer (23 litres are bubbling now in two jerry cans and will be ready to be bottled soon) and today we sewed a new cover for the big hatch on the foredeck. The old one consisted of more patches than original material, but we kept postponing this difficult task. In the end it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be. We did one corner after the other (with detailed fitting sessions in between), then we turned over the fringe with space to fit a chord in and in the end wiggling the chord in with the help of a wire snake turned out to be the most complicated bit. The new hatch cover fits better than the old one and we were proud enough to celebrate it with an orange-sparkling wine punch (certainly the best on the atoll) ;-)

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