Creative Cuisine

Our last visit to a supermarket (still in Tahiti) was on October 10, so more than 6 weeks ago and you could think that the diet on Pitufa is getting boring, but no, with some creativity (and of course the fresh greens from the boat garden) we still manage to keep up our gourmet standards :-)

For breakfast/brunch we usually have fresh bread and cheese (for me) and salami-style sausages or patés (for Christian), for lunch we prepare a salad (using self-grown sprouts, spinach from the garden, the last remaining (bought) carrots, ocassionally a can of beans and left-over rice, pasta or quinoa) or a muesli with self-made yoghurt. In the evenings we prepare our main meal of the day and here’s for example what was on the menu last week:

- Tartare from a freshly caught snapper (chopped fish, chopped gherkins with honey, mustard and fresh cilantro) with buchwheat bread

- Poisson cru (raw fish marinated overnight in lemon juice with pieces of apple, beans, thai basil from the garden and onions in self-made cocounut milk) with rice

- Pasta with fried fish in a creamy white sauce with cabbage and basil from the garden

- Fried Snapper and steamed parsley potatoes and pumpkin in sauce hollandaise

- Stir-fry with snapper, (canned) bamboo sprouts, (canned) water chestnuts, thai basil from the garden and coconut rice

- Snapper in a crispy sesame seed panade with creamy pumpkin and mashed potatoes

- Potato burgers with (canned) sauerkraut

- Pizza with cheese, (canned) mushrooms and (canned) anchovies

- Teriyaki-style tofu with home-grown mung-bean sprouts

Bon appetit!

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