Midnight arrival

Yesterday we had a day with light winds, did hours of sailing, some motorsailing and a few of motoring. We caught a (smallish) yellow-fin tuna, then a torrential rainfall washed down the boat and we finished the usual post-passage cleaning already during the last hours of the trip.

We arrived at 11 pm at the pass and proceeded straight to our favourite bay Onemea. It’s not far from the pass, but there was no moon and the only means of keeping the course in the starlight was to have one eye on the GPS track and the other on the black silhouette of Taravai’s mountainous silhouette–kind of creepy, even though we’ve done the route between the reefs dozens of time in daylight. We celebrated ‘coming home’ with midnight tapas and a few drinks too many… Today it’s pouring down again and we’ve already scrubbed the deck and are now filling up every container we can find on the boat.

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