A house on Taravai

In Tahanea one of our two water tanks started leaking, so we’ve only been using the other one since October. As we have a watermaker that’s no big deal, but we should still repair it at some point. We’ll have to cut away part of the wood underneath the sofa, cut open the aluminium tank, sand the corrosion craters (one of the previous owners must have used some silver-containing water treatment), and filler the craters with plenty of epoxy. A loud, dirty, smelly and toxic job…

When we heard that the house on the southern side of Taravai needed someone to take care of it and the garden as the owners are in Tahiti, we immediately volunteered. First we have to invest of course some working days into the garden, but as soon as we start the job on the tank on Pitufa we’ll have a place to sleep away from the building site and we can harvest lots of bananas, plantains, papayas, avocados, lemons, pumpkins, breadfruit and even tomatoes, lettuce and bok choy :-)

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  1. greg branan says:

    Please post or email details on the water tank issue. I have a 1986 aluminum Via 42 with the same issue. Hoping to finish the re-fit and follow your wake!

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