Back from Tahiti

There is no dentist in the Gambier, so after discovering a cavity two weeks ago I got increasingly worried. I didn’t know how serious it was, but in the end I decided to book an (expensive) flight to Tahiti to deal with this problem.
I was lucky: the tooth problem was easily fixed, Adrian (SY Attila) organised everything beforehand for me in Tahiti, SY Liward generously let me sleep on their boat in Marina Taina (they are in the US at the moment), I didn’t spend a Franc on Taxis as I always found friendly locals to give me rides to all the shops I had to tick off my long shopping list and in the end fellow cruisers (the Dutch brigantine Silverland) took me back from Rikitea to Taravai. I spent very busy 4 days in Tahiti and it’s soooo good to be back in the Gambier!

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  1. michael says:

    Hi Brigitte, it was nice to meet you(neighboring boat marina Taina) although very briefly. We might have a change in plan and stay in FP ANOTHER year. I don’t know if I am up to it I am getting homesick and tiered of working( although I consider my job super awesome). Your blog is very nice the photos are exellent and you write very well. When I was in Huahine now I met another sailor/blogger Liz Clark and the voyage of Swell.
    Enjoy the land life for now.

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