Back home!

The flight back was fortunately quite eventless, apart from minor nuisances like a bunch of schoolkids who chatted relentlessly all night, a polynesian woman who fell asleep over her own seat, the empty one next to her and half of mine and a french woman who refused to pull down the blinds next to her and had shouting arguments over it with the flight personnel. The whole procedure of flying with waiting times, followed by sprints across the airport to catch connections and security rituals in between is annoying and thinking of the fuel a plane consumes and on top of all the crazy amount of rubbish only one flight produces (food trays, a new plastic cup for a sip of water…) is simply depressing.

Anyway, now I’m back home on Pitufa and deliriously happy :-)
Yesterday we anchored off the gorgeous little bird-motu Tauna and planned on having a lazy day. As Christian was out of bread (he claims his attempts all ended rock-hard) my lazy day started at 6 with making dough ;-) After breakfast with warm, crispy bread we took the dinghy out to the motu and walked around marveling at the nesting terns and noddies and right afterwards we snorkeled around the bommies off the island (and as we were already in the water scraped algae off the bottom of Pitufa). Then we had a lazy afternoon (except that the watermaker made funny noises, so we disconnected the broken booster pump and as the bilge was already open we decided to clean it ;-) )

Home sweet home :-)

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