The yoghurt miracle

As cruisers we are used to make our own bread (without a bread-making machine), grow sprouts and make yoghurt (without a yoghurt-maker). Landlubbers are of course used to having a supermarket nearby, so I fully understand that they mostly don’t feel the need to put time and effort into such things. Making yoghurt from an existing culture on the other hand is so simple that I had to show my mom how it’s done. At first she didn’t believe me and then she thought it must be a miracle:
Buy a cup of yoghurt, eat most of it and when there are only a few spoonfuls left, fill the cup up with milk, put it on top of the radiator for a day and behold: the cup’s full of yoghurt again. This way you don’t just save money, but also plastic packaging. We’ve repeated the process now 3 times and my Mom’s still fascinated ;-)

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