Leaving Tahanea

This morning we set the alarm clock to 3 and sailed out through the westernmost pass of Tahanea at 4. The night was brightly lit by a still almost full moon, but I was still a bit nervous, because we had not been through that pass before. In the end it was calm and easy to exit and we set sail towards the neighbouring Faaite (40 nm from pass to pass), doing 4 and later 5 knots in a light northeasterly breeze. Not even Leeloo gets seasick on such a smooth ride :-)

We followed the coastline of Tahanea and as soon as the sun came up a large group of Boobies joined us, squawking loudly and fishing with spectacular plungedives all around Pitufa. They were with us for a few hours and we were sad when they finally left us. They can fly back quickly to Tahanea, but we want to return soon as well!

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