Sweet dreams

Since we set out we’ve bought new mattresses twice–each a little bit more expensive than the last one, but still not comfortable. Last week we decided to go for high quality and bought two latex matresses.

Our bed in the aft cabin is very oddly shaped so we have to buy 2 queen size mattresses, cut them into shape and resew the cover. What sounds simple in theory turned into a 4 day project…
Cutting the latex was done rather quickly, but the stitched, padded cover proved impossible to work with. The interior seems kept getting undone (despite our efforts to stop the thread and secure it with double seams in the sewing machine), the foot of the sewing machine kept getting tangled in the soft padding and in the glue residues on the inside of the padding and then it refused work altogether. Only a cleaning, grooming and oiling session persuaded our ‘Miss Pfaff’ to continue sewing… After 4 days the interior of the boat was covered in threads, padding and mattress pieces, but we succeeded, filled two rubbish containers and spent the first really comfy night since we moved on the boat :-)

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