Mending, sewing, repairing

We have been in Apataki now for a few days, but we haven’t seen much of the atoll. We visited Sonja, Tom and Keanu (SY Pakia Tea) who have their catamaran here out on the hard, in the only (but somewhat improvised) out-haul facility in the Tuamotus. Apart from that we’ve stayed on board and did sewing-machine jobs.

First came a sail repair, as the leech line of the foresail had chafed through the dacron during the last rough passage. Stuffing the big sail first into the saloon and then into our household sewing machine wasn’t easy, but fortunately we only had to mend about 1.5 m.

After putting the foresail back up on its furler we started repairing the hatch cover of the forward cabin that also got chafed through in a corner. Christian proved his perfectionism by fabricating 3D paper models of the corners, before the impatient seamstress could get working. The edge protection turned out fabulously pretty ;-)

Yesterday we started repairing the bimini, a tricky, fidgety job that will keep us busy for another day.

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