After a few grey days with lots of squalls, yesterday morning it was sunny again and the wind was blowing from the NE. Despite contradicting weather forecasts we couldn’t resist the opportunity and set out towards the neighbouring atoll Toau. I mean, what can go wrong on a passage that’s only 30 nm?
We sailed across the lagoon, out of the pass at the wrong time (4 knots of ingoing current against 15 knots of wind meant high standing waves…) and then we set out doing 6 knots in northeasterlies of 15-18 knots. Perfect sailing! One hour later the wind started getting less and less, then it died down and when it set in again, it was blowing 30 knots, but out of the southeast–exactly on the nose. We ended up motoring 7 miles against heavy rain and steep waves. Fortunately Toau has a ‘false pass’ (an opening in the barrier reef that does not go all the way into the lagoon) where you can enter and exit at any time.

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