We haven’t had such an easy passage in a long time. The wind was strong (surprisingly just as predicted and also from the direction the forecast had promised), not so strong to build up huge waves (2 m were not even enough to make the cat seasick), but just enough to push heavy Pitufa along swiftly. Averaging 6 knots we needed less than 2 days for the 240 nm and to make things perfect, we caught a huge mahi-mahi last evening (1.5 m).

We usually hope for smaller fish that are easier to handle, kill and process and therefore we use a small lure, but that big guy still bit and of course we didn’t refuse to pull him aboard. Slaughtering the big creature on the rolling aft-deck while it was getting dark wasn’t much fun and today it took me another 3 hours to cut and prepare the meat for storage. Anyway, now it’s done and we have enough fish for a week (and more to give away…).

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