Hyper active sunny days

Sunny days have been rare so far, so whenever the sun comes out we try to use the nice weather as actively as possible.
On Monday we went ashore to see the freighter arrive. It was a big spectacle as it didn’t only bring new provisions, but also the island’s kids who attend school in Tahiti or Tubuai and only come home during the longer holidays, so it was quite an emotional event with all those family reunions. Everybody was wearing beautifully woven flower wreaths on their heads and the arrivals (loaded with bags, christmas presents) were greeted with more wreaths over their shoulders.

For today the weather forecast had predicted sunny skies again, so we started the day at 6, had the washing done by 7, were ashore at 8, up on the summit of Morongo Uta (one of the higher mountains with some remnants of an ancient fortress on top) at 10 and at 11.30 we were back in the village to see the Christmas celebration of the primary school kids who had prepared songs and dances for this event.

I know we’re always praising the friendliness of the Polynesians, but the people of Rapa take this hospitality to yet a new level. It seems everybody we meet gives us fruit, invites us to their homes, offers the use of internet and even washing machines… If it wasn’t for the weather we might easily be tempted to build a mooring here and stay ;-)

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