Better safe than sorry

The low passed by as quickly as predicted: yesterday morning we had 25 knots from the east (still calm waters even though the bay is open to the east), at noon 35 knots sustained (some chop built up, but nothing spectacular) and in the evening the wind turned southeast and calmed a bit down, but since then we’ve had gusts over the mountains, some up to 45 knots and so sudden that little waterhoses are whipped up and the dinghy was flipped over floating behind the boat on its painter–fortunately we had taken the outboard, the floorboards and the oars out…

Our preparations were more serious than the wind turned out to be, but we wanted to be on the safe side. A further benefit of taking the sails, the rain canvas, the bimini and the pitufa-banners down was that we were able to service them, repair some tears and restitch some seams. Tomorrow things should calm down enough to get everything back up–including the potted plants that sit at the moment as refugees in the saloon.

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