Art gallery

Other mom’s may enjoy white, sandy beaches of the lagoon-side of motus, mine prefers the rough outer side facing the ocean. Yesterday we took a walk along eastern side of Puaumu (the motu in the north of the Gambier where we’re anchored now) where the ocean waves crash against the outer reef, which is strawn with big pieces of coral that were broken off and tossed up the shore during past storms. I felt like walking through an art gallery, with my mom marvelling at every single naturally formed sculpture (we didn’t make it far, but we enjoyed each metre ;-) .

Every piece of staghorn, table or brain coral has indeed its unique beauty and walking on the small fringe of land between the protected lagoon and the mighty ocean is a humbling experience. The amount of plastic trash that ends washed up on the reef is a bitter reminder of how little we humans cherish mother nature.

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