Even though we’ve had a lure out right from the start (yep, even when it was rough and we felt more than a bit queasy), we haven’t caught a fish yet. Today our course came close to two atolls and as fishing’s always best near an island we sailed along their southern and southeastern outer reefs. Edging in towards a breaking reef under sails with a high swell running makes the usually boring passage routine quite exciting.

We sailed a few miles along Nengonengo and were positively surprised to see unspoiled motus with shrubs and hardly any palmtrees (so no copra industry) and flocks of boobies that were circling us curiously. It was a cool experience, the only downside was, that no fish was interested in our two lures. We’ll keep trying, tomorrow we have some more motus along our course line.
194 nm to go!

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