Leisure time and chores

After a passage there’s always some work to do on the boat, but during our first 2 days in Tahanea the weather was gorgeous, sunny and calm, so we thought ‘carpe diem’ and went snorkeling instead. The W-pass was an impressive experience as always with dozens of grey reef sharks (we were actually able to watch them hunting during daytime!) and lots of tiny fishies. Unfortunately the dogtooth-tuna that are usually roaming the pass have disappeared–we hope that they’re just busy somewhere else and haven’t been caught and eaten… The state of the coral also worries us: there are much more bleached areas and algae than before summer…

Today it’s grey and rainy, just the right weather to catch up on chores. We’re already cleaned the boat, brewed a new batch of beer and now Christian’s repairing the tailing mechanism of a winch that broke on the way and I have time to catch up on emails and blog entries :-)

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