We have moved on to the westernmost anchorage on the southside of Tahanea to check out the last of the three bird-motu clusters. Fortunately this spot remains untouched, boobies are circling the two little motus and preparing for the next nesting season. Only few palmtrees grow here, so apparently they weren’t worth making copra here.

A long white sand-bank stretches out from the motu towards the anchorage and we used to collect shells on the snow-white sands. Yesterday we collected 6 buckets of plastic rubbish and burned it. Of course that’s not even a measurable part of the plastic wave that suffocates the Pacific, but that’s all we could do for the moment. If everybody started with themselves and did as much as they can do (even if it’s just a little bit) the world would be a better place.
Another advantage: I have quite sore muscles on my thighs and bum today from all that bending down to pick up rubbish, so protecting the environment’s good for a trim figure!

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