Colour changes

On Friday the primer was sprayed on, during the weekend we did the first two layers of antifouling, so now Pitufa’s battleship grey and blue. The primer has nicely dried over the weekend, today the painter does some more fairing, tomorrow we’ll hopefully get the paint sprayed on and Pitufa will turn white on the topsides and we’ll do two more layers of black antifouling. In the meantime christian sweats in the bilge installing new sea valves and general plumbing, i assist and try to get my normal ‘boathold’ duties done in between (laundry in a bucket, baking bread, etc.).

During our first visits to boatyards Leeloo was horrified by all the loud machines and many people, by now she knows the routine and hangs out in the cockpit while the travellift thunders by…

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