Hard days on the hard

We hauled the boat out on Friday and started work immediately. We want to do a new antifouling as usual, but after more than 10 years the paint on the topsides has started cracking in places and so we have decided to have a professional painter spray it newly to get Pitufa all shiny and pretty again. Of course the old paint has to come off first, the cracks need fairing and so we are sanding and grinding all day long to prepare the hull for the painter. There’s a dozen additional jobs on the list and we’ve taken off the windvane and the swimming ladder, made a new through-hull, etc. etc. The weather has been a bit unstable with tropical downpours in between, despite the claims of meteo.pf that it was ‘cool, breezy and sunny’, so we hope for more settled weather when the paintwork starts.
I’m writing this blog at 6 in the morning, my shoulders and arms hurt from working the orbital sander all day long and the first sounds of workers arriving come up from the yard. It’s gonna be another hard day on the hard ;-)

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