Brown Boobies

If you’re young and you’re hip and you happen to be an adolescent brown booby living on Car o line Island, there’s a new cool place to hang out: Pitufa!
This morning when the cat and I climbed up the companionway there were two adolescent brown boobies (clearly recongnizable in their dark-brown feathers) sitting on the solar panel, ogling us suspiciously. They flew away when a bored-looking Leeloo (boobies are lighter, but much bigger than our cat) strolled past them. When we came back from snorkeling, we were delighted to see another (or the same?) two boobies sitting on the anchor line and the bow-sprit. We approached them slowly taking pictures all the time and thinking what a special moment we had caught.

By now (it’s 5 and we’re sitting with a beer in the cockpit) we have 4 sitting on the bow-sprit ignoring us even when we take close-up pics from half a metre away and another 10 circling the boat waiting for their chance to hang out in the new hip booby-meeting point :-)

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