Comfy Sailing

Leeloo didn’t like Car o line much as she despises rolly anchorages and ignored all our efforts to get her interested in the boobies that were flapping all around the boat and sitting on the railing ogling her. A cat distinguishes 3 categories of animals: Can-be-eaten (go, catch!), can-eat-me (run, hide) and to-be-ignored (everything that doesn’t fall into the first two categories). She pretended the big seabirds were not there, no matter how often we pointed them out.

Leeloo doesn’t like passages either, but she’s no longer afraid when conditions get rough, she just stays in her sleeping box most of the time and gets seriously bored after a while. This passage has been so calm so far that she’s even hanging out in the cockpit with us. Also we’ve had fresh fish every day (so far we’ve caught two skipjack tunas and one yellowfin tuna), so the cat’s feasting on sashimi and getting noticably fatter. 110 nm to go to Tongareva (Penrhyn)!


  1. Diana says:

    Hi you two…three (sorry Leeloo),

    We are following you since quite a while and enjoy reading your blog. Just one question that I meant asking you for a while: Are you aware that tunas are are on their way to extinction?

    Wish you three good winds & take care,

    1. Birgit says:

      Hi Diana,
      thanks for your concerned reply. We are very much aware how the oceans are turning into lifeless deserts and have mentioned the lack of wildlife out on passages in our blogs. Just a few decades ago the oceans were teeming with fish (according to cruiser’s reports), now there’s not much swimming out there. The fault lies with commercial fishing that empties a whole strech of ocean. We’d never buy tuna cans thinking of all the ‘bycatch’ that gets thrown away by those ships (meaning dolphins, etc.).
      We catch an average of 12 pelagic fish a year (tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, etc., I just counted in our logbook), that doesn’t make an impact on populations. We kill the fish as quickly as possible, use all bits we can and eat about 2 weeks from one…
      It’s very hard to eat environmental friendly. Just think of all the land area, plus herbicides, pesticides, carbon footprint in transport, etc. that is used to produce veg, even less efficient when that veg is used to feed a cow that is then turned into steaks.
      The best solution would be to grow your own organic veg and live completely vegan…
      kind regards,

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