The main village Omoka lies on the western side of the atoll, so the anchorage is exposed to the prevailing easterly winds. When we visited Omoka last week Pitufa was pitching horribly in steep high waves and we hardly got any sleep. We therefore fled the next morning to a more protected place. Now we’re anchored on a beautiful, light-turquoise sandy shelf in just 3 m depth right next to the Northern motu. It’s not far to the NW-pass, so we snorkeled there yesterday. We didn’t find much coral in that pass, but again huge swarms of fish and 10 curious black-tip reef sharks circled us all the time–apparently they are used to spearfishing divers and were waiting for scraps. Of course they were disappointed that we only shoot fish with our underwater camera…
The motu itself is also quite special with a fringe of palm trees on the lagoon side, but shrubs and trees with nesting seabirds right behind it and a stunningly red salt lake in the middle.

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