Anchorage on the western side of Rurutu

Yesterday was a busy day in the harbour, because the supply ship arrived. It anchored outside and barges were taking containers in and out all day long. Even though the harbour is fairly new, apparently it was constructed before the freighter company got a new vessel for the Austral Islands which happens to be slightly too big for the harbour… The wind was easterly and it got quite bouncy already. With the forecast predicting stronger northeasterlies (that would bring waves straight into the harbour) we left this morning and sailed around the island to the Bay of Avera on the western side.

We found a sandy spot in 14 m just outside the small-boat pass and are anchored quite nicely. Fortunately the southwesterly swell has gone down–last week the bay looked like a witches’ cauldron with 3 m swell breaking and we couldn’t imagine any boat anchoring here…

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