Hiking on Rurutu

The more we see of Rurutu, the more we fall in love with it. We’ve had a few sunny days and used them to explore all around the island. All along the shores we’ve found white beaches with rugged cliffs behind them. There are lots of caves, but no signs to lead tourists there (the locals know where they are anyway, so why bother with signs?) and we only have a rather sketchy map. We have found most of them anyway and stumbling over a cathedral-like grotto hidden in the forest or the cliffs we feel like real discoverers ;-)

The interior of the island is criss-crossed with trails and dirt tracks and you can spend days walking along the ridges and up the peaks. The three highest peaks lie conveniently along one caldera and we climbed them within 2 hours (they are all between 360 and 390 m high), but then we got lost for another 3 hours on the way down–many trails but no signs are a perfect recipe for adventurous hikes ;-)

First we planned to rent a car, but hitch-hiking is so easy here that we didn’t bother getting our own vehicle in the end. By now everyone on the island seems to know that we’re the ‘sailboatpeople’ and they take us directly to the dock without even asking. Even the gendarmerie car gave us a ride once ;-)

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