Finally a calm anchorage

When we first arrived we anchored near the village on the northern side. We tried inside the harbour with a sternline and corkscrewed horribly, moved outside and rolled even worse. The reef on the northside is open, so on top of the windchop bent SW swell comes in and adds to the misery. Only the northside is charted and cruising guides refer to this one anchorage. We looked at satellite pictures, but were not sure whether we’d be able to make it to the western side in the shallow, murky lagoon.
With strong SE winds predicted we took Pitufa exploring on a rising tide and it turned out that the water gets clearer on the NW corner. A strong current races through the shallow lagoon and we proceeded cautiously around the airport and to the NW side. The shallowest we saw was a bit less than 3 m (we draw 2.1).
The anchorage here is wonderfully calm, so that little adventure was worthwhile :-)

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