Some more hikes

The past three days it was still blowing hard, so we stayed in Avera bay where it was bouncy, but at least safe. The sun was out again and we explored the last few corners of the island we had not seen yet: we walked along the beach to a spectacular cave just north of Avera, hiked along the ridge southwards and today we made a last visit to the main village Moerai. The harbour still looks frightening, so we’re glad we made it to the other side in time.

There are two dogs who usually hang out in the harbour and walked along with us when we were still located there. Today they were thrilled to see us again and hiked all the way up to a lookout above the cliffs north of Moerai where we had a picnic. Fortunately we always carry some catfood our spoiled princess refused, so the dogs had a picknick, too ;-)

Tomorrow the wind will turn to the northeast and then north again, so we can make another hop eastwards to Tubuai, the next island of the Australs.

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