The end of our adventure trip

We arrived on Thursday in Raivavae after a fast sail with steady winds (despite the light and fickle winds that were predicted). Just as we were approaching the pass it started pouring down, the high island was completely invisible in the clouds and we were glad that we could follow an old GPS track to an anchorage we had used 4 years before. The next morning the sun came out and the fog lifted off the steep cliffs and rugged mountains that make this little island one of the prettiest in French Polynesia.

We’ve met up with our friends on Avatar, exchanged goodies we bought for them in Rarotonga and they got for us in Tahiti, did a little hike and spent the evening eating, talking and drinking (too much ;-) ). After 4 months without any chance to socialize with other cruisers it was really nice to meet old friends…

With our return to Raivavae we have now finished our exploration tour: 4 months of new destinations, uninhabited islands, crazy-difficult anchorages, incredible wildlife encounters, countless sleepless nights spent on the floor in rough conditions, wonderfully friendly locals in remote places–this trip was a fantastic experience, we learned a lot and dared more than we would have thought possible. Now it’s also nice to be back in a place we know, with protected anchorages, time to get some projects done and hang out with good friends.

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