Crappy weather

2019 has started with seriously crappy weather here as the SPCZ (South Pacific Convergence Zone) is hanging over us and troughs and lows come our way that bring strong winds (the highest we saw was 40 knots) and torrential rainfalls. In the past two weeks we’ve had two sunny days, both of which we used for our mooring project. Apart from those working days we haven’t left the boat much and are desperate to stretch our legs. Wet clothes are accumulating and never get the chance to dry out, the whole interior of the boat feels damp and the cat is seriously bored and cranky. We haven’t experienced such a prolonged spell of nasty weather since Panama (2012).
The masses of rain that are falling are just incredible and the whole bay is murky brown–it’s astounding that coral can survive such conditions with tons of sediment and freshwater.

We are now attached to the new mooring(!!), we hope to set up another one this week and then we’ll hopefully soon find a weather window to sail to the sunny and dry summerweather of the Gambier Islands.

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