Exchange of roles

Christian’s finger still looks a bit like Frankenstein’s monster, but it’s healing. The stitches will come out on Monday…

Today we wanted to fill up with diesel, but as Christian can’t really use his right hand at the moment we couldn’t follow our usual routine with me at the wheel and Christian at the bow. Instead he was at the helm and I had to get up the anchor chain (a messy business on Pitufa as it doesn’t fall straight into the locker, but has to be transported hand over hand from the windlass and into the locker behind). It’s good to switch roles from time to time anyway to be familiar with all jobs on the boat, so we saw that manoeuvre as valuable practice.

At the fuel dock we were told that they were out of diesel(!), so we anchored a bit further down from Marina Taina in the channel where we should be better protected from the SW swell that will turn the anchorage off Marina Taina into a witches cauldron (from tonight on until Friday evening).

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