Back in Tahiti for repairs

After two exciting days, but rather sleepless nights off Makatea (rolly anchorage) we set sails for Tikehau, an atoll just due north and a nightsail away.
Underway we noticed that the fridge was acting strangely, with the compressor working constantly drawing almost no electricity (a sign for a gas leak).
It wasn’t easy to turn around, say good-bye to the idea of turquoise lagoons and head back to Tahiti. We arrived in Tahiti last night and got lucky this morning: we found a full plug-in unit (prefilled evaporator, compressor, etc. you ‘just’ plug together–I say ‘just’ because we still have to rip out the old system, drill new holes for the new ones, etc. etc. And as we’re already at it Christian also changes the plumbing underneath the sink (the hoses are easily accessible now and won’t be afterwards).

In the meantime we try to keep our provisioning of cheese, sausages, veg etc.(all for several months) cool with ice from the supermarket…

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