Dengue Sequel

Each time I think I’m getting healthy and stronger again, I’m punched back down. Two weeks after what I thought was a dengue infection we were getting us and the boat ready to start hopping eastwards again.
Smack, I was down with high fever, severe backache, headache, nausea–the same symptoms as two weeks ago, just stronger.

Yesterday (day 4 with fever) the temperature got so high and I was so miserable that we went to the emergency doctor at Paofai Clinique. They did a blood test, got the results within an hour (Sunday afternoon!): positive for dengue and horrible liver values (typical for dengue). Apparently last time I had some other bug (even though it felt the same).
They put me on a drop, gave me a high dosage of potassium, did an ECG and sent me home as stabilised in the evening. I got sleep this night and feel already better today :-)

Hopefully we’ll soon be able to get into passage mood again…

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