Christmas blow

Just for Christmas a trough moved along the convergence zone that had been lingering for a long time. It passed to the east of us, but sent us stormy weather with torrential rainfalls over Christmas, so we just stayed inside writing and working for 3 days. The anchorage just off the dock in Makemo was nicely protected, even though the wind shifted around a bit. The watertanks were full soon (we collect rainwater whenever we can, it saves working hours on the watermaker) and after that we filled up every container we could think of.

Today the sun was out again, so we did a big load of laundry, aired the cushions and mattresses–we don’t have any leaks on the boat, but after a few days with all hatches closed the whole boat felt damp. In the afternoon we went ashore for a walk–it really feels good to stretch the legs after a few days of commuting between the aft-cabin and the saloon sofa ;-)

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